Dissertation title

Optoelectronic system for precise sorting of potato tubers
by using the method "Seeing Through Layers"

Keyword:  optoelectronic system, potato, nondestructive, internal quality, assessment, STL-method

The main goal of dissertation is to apply "See Through Layers" (STL) method in optoelectronic system for precise sorting of potato tubers according to the availability and the degree of internal diseases and defects.

Dissertation contains: 144 pages, 64 figures, 11 tables, 143 references.

It consists of 4 chapters, conclusions, contribution, future work, 4 appendices,
author references, awards, thanks and other references.

Chapter 1 - A literary review aiming at the quality evaluation of some fruits and vegetables with NIR spectroscopy;
Chapter 2 - Determination of the internal transmittance of the potatoes by spectrometer;
Chapter 3 - Application of STL-method for sorting of the potatoes in on-line;
Chapter 4 - Testing of the optoelectronic system NIQAT01LAB in conditions close to the industrial practical process.


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