1) A report entitled "Models of Internal Spectral Transmittance of potato tubers for Precise Non-destructive Recognition
       of the their Internal Quality " was given Award by the Fedaration of Scienctific-Technical Unions - Sofia:

Federation of Scientific-Technical Unions
Commission for youth


to Nedyalko Todorov Katrandzhiev
PhD Student at Uneversity of Food Technologies - Plovdiv
for assigned


for participation with a report
X-th jubilee youth scientist
scientific-practical session on the occasion of the 110 anniversary of
Bulgarian Engineers and Architects Society /BEAS/

Date: 10.04.2003             /signed by Academician V. Sgurev/

   2) A poster entitled "The Nondestructive Assessment of the Potatoes Internal Quality by Using the Method
       "Seeing Through Layers" (STL)" was presented at The 7-th International Symposium on Microelectronics
       Technologies and Microsystems in cooperation with the 12-th International Scientific and Applied Science
       Conference - ELECTRONICS' 2003, 22-27 September 2003 in Sozopol, Bulgaria.
       This poster has been awarded in the category of best poster presentation:

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